Self Portrait | Project 365 |San Diego Professional Portrait Photographer

Self Portrait | Project 365 |San Diego Professional Portrait Photographer

I’m finally attempting to complete my first project 365.  For motivation I decided to create a group on Facebook to include other photographers in an effort for all of us to successfully complete a project 365. For those of you that don’t know, a project 365 challenges a photographer to take at least one single image per day for an entire year.

After spending all day editing, I stopped off to read Strobist. I then remembered a self portrait that David Hobby took a few years back. I decided that image would be my inspiration for image #2 of 365.

P365-2 Self Portrait

This is how I set up the shot…

Here is a pullback of the lighting setup.  There are 3 light sources being used, 1 Einstein and 2 Yongnuo flashes. 
novakphotos_portrait_BTS-1My first step was to kill the ambient light. I set my shutter speed to 1/250 and closed down my aperture. To ensure I had plenty of depth of field I set my aperture to f/5.6.  

novakphotos_portrait_BTS-2My first layer of light was from a Yongnuo with a 1/2 CTO set to 1/2 power (triggered by PocketWizard).  I chose the 1/2 CTO to mimic the warm light from an incandescent lamp.  

novakphotos_portrait_BTS-3My second layer of light was from a Yongnuo with a 1/2 CTB set to 1/128 power modified with an ExpoImaging Flash Bender (triggered by slave).  I chose the 1/2 CTB to mimic the cool light from a laptop screen.

novakphotos_portrait_BTS-4The last layer of light was from an Einstein set to 1/16 power modified with Mola Demi, grid and diffusion cover. I used this light to skim the edge of the laptop to create some depth and separation.  I was able to fire off these frames remotely using a third PocketWizard.

I hope this helps with any of your future photography portraits or lighting techniques

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