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Self Portrait | Commercial Photography | Home Studio

The other night, like many nights I troll through the internet looking and admiring other photographers, videographers, artists and their work. Every now and then I have to do a double take and study a portrait or image because I love what has been created. I just happened to stumble across some portraits shot by Allan Amato, specifically a pair of images of Andy Dick. I decided to challenge myself to deconstruct the lighting and rebuild it for a self portrait.


Here are the images by Allan Amato of Andy Dick that I got obsessed about and needed to try and recreate for myself.

Andy Dick by Allan Amato

Where to begin…
I start by trying to determine how many light sources and what sort of modifiers are used to create the lighting. I could tell there were two light sources on both sides of the subject, a third light source above the subject, possibly a forth light source on the background and maybe even a fifth light source acting as a fill pointing up from the feet of the subject.

Here are some shots of how I setup my lighting in my home studio.



You can see that I am using three Einsteins, two behind me as rim light and the third as my main light in a Mola Demi beauty dish with the sock. I also added a Yongnuo flash in a small softbox at my feet and a second Yongnuo flash with a blue gel behind the apple box that I am sitting on in the shot. Also I was able to shoot this self portrait by using my PocketWizard as a remote trigger while sitting on the apple box. During my post processing I wanted my images to have the same sort of rough look so I used Nik Color Efex.

I can say that I walked away from this lighting experiment knowing that:
1. I got pretty darn close with my lighting
2. I do not belong in front of a camera at all! LOL

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