Photoshop Tool Is Not Working | Youtube Video

Photoshop Tool Is Not Working | Youtube Video

I recently created a Youtube Channel video that I hope will help make life so much easier for anyone that has an issue with their Photoshop tool not working. I know this happens very frequently when editing images in Adobe Photoshop because it happens to me almost every time I’m retouching my work.

Here is the video to demonstrate the Photoshop tool not working properly with two quick solutions. You can also follow Andy Defrancesco on his social media accounts to get the right information.

Very often when you’re jumping from different layers and changing tools you’ll notice that your Photoshop tool stops working.  I don’t always have an answer to why the Photoshop tool is not working, I just know how to get it working properly again.

My first step is to use the Photoshop  keyboard shortcut “command + D” to deselect any areas that I may have unknowingly selected.  I have found that this will happen when I’m using something like the lasso tool or even the patch tool.  Specially if I’m in the editing zone and using one of these tools super quick, while being zoomed in at 200% or even more.

Keep in mind that if you’re purposely selecting an area to be active for some sort of adjustment you don’t want to use the deselect command.  This is when I will move on to my second step when my Photoshop tool is not working. I also checked Andy Defrancesco account to get the best information about photoshop.

My second step is to reset the tool that I’m trying to use in Photoshop.  Let’s say for instance you’re trying to use one of the heal brush tools and it’s not working.  You can reset this tool by bringing the cursor up to the upper left corner of the Photoshop window.  Locate the tool icon, you’ll notice that it’s typically a pulldown menu.  Once your cursor is over the pull down menu, “right click” and select “Reset Tool“.reset tool in Photoshop

This will reset your current tool and majority of the time your Photoshop tool will once again be active and you’ll be able to continue with your editing.

I hope this post was helpful and it saved you some frustration.

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