Photography Gear Essentials | Gear Review

Photography Gear | Gear Review

I thought I would share one of the pieces of gear that I use to keep me organized. For too long my dining room table was a staging area for all of my photography gear. This ranged from camera bodies, monopods, lenses, batteries, battery chargers, flashes, cables, cords, pocket wizards….the list is endless! The day after I purchased a second Paul Buff Einstein I knew that I would need to have a safe & organized place to store all of my gear. After searching blogs and forums I noticed that many photographers were using a plastic tool box for their gear. I stopped by Home Depot, checked out their tool boxes and left with the Stanley Fatmax.



I’ve never had my gear more organized or secured and since this tool box has wheels and a handle I am able to bring everything on location and move it around with ease.



There are 3 different compartments for storing gear. I use the top area for storing all of my different chargers and cords, as well as extra camera batteries and grips. The middle compartment I use to keep my extra AA batteries, sync cords, umbrella adapters, speed flashes (SB600), pocket wizards, cold shoes and some other smaller gear. I use the bottom compartment (which is the largest) for some modifiers such as Expo Imagaing Flash Benders, three Sunpak 120j with battery packs, GoPro Hero2, Alien Bees B1600 and Vagabond Mini, Outex waterproof kit and some grids.



As much as it is important to have specific gear at certain times, it is just as important to know where to find it!

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