Beach Cruiser | Expo Imaging Modifier and Nik Software

Beach Cruiser | Expo Imaging Modifier and Nik Software
who doesn’t love a great mustache….but what about one for your beach cruiser? that’s right, the great people from carstache have spent millions of dollars on research & development to create the most amazing beach cruiser accessory; the bikestache!

additionally to the bikestache, every killer beach cruiser needs an amazing beer drink holder….i was determined to seek out the best in the business. kroozie became my one and only choice. not only do they offer the aerodynamic kroozie for my cruiser, they just came out with the v-mount! this has allowed me to mount the kroozie on my vertical post, instead of the handlebars.

here is a recent shot of my beach cruiser, with both bikestache & the kroozie in all of their glory!

this shot was only possible with the trusty expoimaging rogue flashbender kit! i used the large rogue flashbender with diffusion panel camera left and flied the 45 degree rogue grid over head. the great thing about this rogue lighting kit is that it’s so portable, i was able to pack it away inside my camera bag….this kit goes every where with me!

thanks to niksoftware and their color efex pro 4, their recipes make editing and adding a little punch to any image so quick and easy!