Commercial Portraiture | Fake Chase Jarvis | Studio Photography

Commercial Portraiture | Fake Chase Jarvis | Studio Photography

That time I almost shot a portrait of the photographic master himself Chase Jarvis…or what it his clone, or a long lost brother or something.

Actually I shot my friend and fellow photographer Gregory Cain. Greg and I had not hung out in a bit, so we decided to meet up and talk shop. Before that happened I decided to invite him over to the studio to knock out a professional portrait for him. He gets a new shot and I get an image to throw in my portfolio, win / win!


My home studio consists of a white sweep, and two pieces of tile board. Currently I’ve been shooting most of my professional headshots and portraits with a three light setup. My setup for this shot was three Einsteins; key light was an E640 in 50″ Apollo soft box, rim camera right was an E640 in 52″ strip box with grid, rim camera left was an E640 with standard reflector & gelled with green. The key light was trigger with pocketwizard PWII and other E640s fired by slave. I also shot this tethered into Lightroom 5. I find shooting tethered gives me and my subject a real time example of the image, and allows for easy re-positioning of either the subject or some of the lights.

The post-processing of this image consisted of some frequency separation skin retouching, Nik plugin, and some dodging & burning. Video to follow soon!

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