Andy Dick | Professional Portraiture | Behind The Scenes: Love Cat

Andy Dick | Professional Portraiture | Behind The Scenes: Love Cat

Over the past year I have been shooting still photography for my actor / producer / director friend Sonya on her film Love Cat.  We have shot all over San Diego from Tipsy Crow in the Gaslamp district to Major Market in the little town of Fallbrook. Being involved in a project like this gives you the opportunity to network and build amazing relationships with talented individuals while creating something special.  It was sad to see the film wrap the weekend before Christmas 2013, so many great memories. Love Cat showcases some great actors and actresses, one of which being Andy Dick. In addition to capturing some stills during the filming process, I was given about five minutes to shoot a professional portrait of Andy Dick as well.

Andy Dick Love Cat 1

Something I learned a long time ago from portrait photographers like Zack Arias & David Hobby, is to always be prepared to shoot a professional portrait. This means 1. that you must know your gear, able to setup in seconds and 2. be confident in your skills, able to direct your subject while making them feel at ease. All of this in under ten minutes! These are the type of shoots that get my adrenaline throwing, I personally love the challenge. novakphotos_AndyDick-1 Here’s my portrait of Andy Dick. I’m sure some pixel-peepers could critique it for this or that but remember it’s better to get the shot then never take it at all! Nerd info: Apollo 28″ softbox camera right, Yongnuo flash, pocketwizards, Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, Camera: 1/100, f/2.8, ISO 200.

novakphotos_LoveCat-8038 novakphotos_LoveCat-8032 novakphotos_LoveCat-8123